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Business Coaching

Hello! I’m Emily.

Thanks for dropping in.

I’m starting up a coaching section of my business - where I want to teach you everything I know and have learnt about setting up my brand ‘Storklings’

I’m offering a totally FREE assessment of your own business, to see how I could help, what I advise and direction I would suggest.

Having spent a couple of years working on building my own successful product based business, I feel TOTALLY qualified to coach you in your business. 

I want to show you, firstly exactly how I do it, then coach you on how to drive your business forward and effectively bring in the cash.

I want to teach you how I run my brand, where and how to source stock, importing, selling on Amazon and other platforms, advertising, how I organise my finances plus lots of other little tips I have acquired.

Firstly though, I would love to do a mini audit of your business, find out where you are on your business journey and where you would like to be. 

I’m offering the mini audit totally FREE, my way of giving back and hopefully offering you some great advice, which will make you want to come back and buy my more in depth version 😊

Send me an email

or sign up here 👇 and I’ll get in touch to arrange your FREE mini business audit

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