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Creating Your Own Brand of Soft Toys

Do you run your own childrens brand and would love to create your own range of soft toys, plush pillows or rag dolls? Need someone to oversee the process and help you bring this to market?

I can help!

Email me for a chat


My aim is to work closely with you to create beautiful, bespoke designs that reflect your brand.

We will go through a creative sample making phase, designing your soft toy exactly right for your brand and customer.

Then I will take over the practical side -

Oversee production.



Safety testing.

Clearing customs.

Delivery to your door or warehouse.

I have years of expertise designing, creating and importing my own brand ‘Storklings’. Now I am putting my skills to good use, helping other brands do the same.

This arm of my business is a very bespoke service. Working closely with brands to grow their own range of offerings.

Contact me at hello@storklings.com for a chat about what my bespoke service includes (everything, basically!)