Every Astronaut Needs A Crew

Astronaut Command Chief Pax Pemberton dressed in his blue spacesuit. Perfect for a space themed nursery

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Meet Pax Pemberton, he’s the chief spaceman on the crew.    Astronaut soft toy plush

 Always ready for outer space adventures, you’ll want him on your team. He certainly knows his space stuff.

 He maybe in command of a space shuttle crew, but he’s soft at heart.

Dressed in a blue spacesuit, he’s made from velvety soft fabric and makes a super space toy gift.

Pax is a 32cm tall astronaut plush soft toy, perfect for a space themed nursery.

He comes all wrapped up in a silvery space draw string bag, ready to gift.

Designed in England. He can be shipped directly to the recipient, worldwide.

Rigorous training (and safety testing) has been completed to bring you the very best quality in the universe.